Over and Willingham Internal Drainage Board

Over and Willingham were two separate boards until 1974, when the Over and Willingham Internal Drainage Board was formed. They cover 1914 acres within the parishes of Over and Willingham.
The area boundaries are the River Great Ouse, the B1050 road, Willingham Lode, Dockerell Brook and the Swavesey Drain to Webbs Hole.

The area was flooded in March 1947, after a breach of the barrier bank along the River Great Ouse, at Over.

There is one electrically driven pumping station discharging directly into the Great Ouse at Earith Bridge. This was built in 1964, replacing a single cylinder Ruston diesel installed in 1941, which is still in the station, but now non operational and last used in 1978. Both the Willingham pump and pumphouse have been preserved but no longer operated.

Gravel extraction was started in the area in the 1990’s and is scheduled to run for twenty years, by which time 1200 acres will have been dug. This was originally being returned to agriculture, but will now be used for reedbeds and managed by the RSPB.

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Board Members

G. R. W. Wright - Chairman

B. Burling - Vice Chairman

M. Church - Clerk
Telephone:01353 741460
Mobile:07802 213366

Email: michael.church@hlowidbs.org.uk

S. Burling
A. C. R. Wright
L. Cook
B. Chapman - Hanson Representative
Councillor R. Manning - South Cambridgeshire District Council

The Board currently hold annual meetings at Chain Farm, Overcote Road, Over, to discuss finances, rates, annual maintenance and any other issues.